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Chatting in private is one thing, but most of the people reading this message are interested in iphone chat room apps. Imagine yourself inside of the ideal chat app, it's so ideal that thousands of people flock to the same room to chat in. Now picture how the experience would be going. Thousands of people saying things at once, the screen scrolls by all blurry, no one is actually getting heard as it's just too crazy for someone to read.

Now add in a limitation, a way to put a cap on how many people can chat in the app at once. Now only a certain number of people can get into the app, again causing LOTS of people to be unheard, even those people inside the app chatting are not being heard by the thousands outside of it. Let's add a new feature, spectating to the chat room app and see how something as little as outside observation can level the playing field.

Now you have thousands of people viewing the chat room which is at a respectable pace. If someone leaves the chat app, another is able to switch from Spectator to Chatter, essentially having a rotational chat experience. This is actually a description of TAP Messenger's chat room feature, something that no other app has. It's time for you to come and see how awesome this app really is. You seriously don't have to take our word on this, visit your favorite app store now and search for TAP Messenger.

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