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The greatest invention in the world may not be chat room apps on the iphone and android, but they are pretty awesome. Being able to reach into your pocket, pick up your mobile device, tap your favorite chat app icon and begin chatting with users from around the world is a great advancement in history. A couple decades ago this technology was impossible, and now it's in the hands of everyone with a smartphone.

I have used dozens of chat apps over the years and only a few of them have really shown any promise. One of those is TAP Messenger, which enables you to join categorized chat rooms with up to 99 people in them at once. And if the chat overflows people can still join and spectate until a slot opens up for them to begin chatting. And the best part is the fact it's a messenger app so you can private message people from the chat rooms you find interesting and even add them to your friends list.

With the advent of push notifications, chatting is at a new level. You can always know when someone you are fond of is trying to get ahold of you. TAP even has privacy tools that make sure you don't get disturbed by random users if that is your cup of tea, or you can go all out and be super social and popular and let anyone pester you. The choice is truly yours with this app.

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